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Lisa Bowers

After working for Pima County Development Services for many years, Lisa vowed to change the industry after witnessing customers struggle to navigate the comprehensive and evolving development review and permitting processes.  In 2001, after leaving Pima County Lisa acquired Metro Permit Express, and in 2013 Lisa formed Tucson Expediting & Development (TED);  creating a Metro Tucson* area powerhouse between clients and municipal officials that over the last 20 years has become the foremost expert in navigating the various Building Codes, Ordinances and Design requirements for the private development community.


In 2022 Lisa rebranded to form Sonoran Development Consultants, further expanding the potential to represent and assist clients in the development industry. Focusing on the collaboration between jurisdictions and client needs, SDC is Tucson’s foremost Development Liaison.

Since 2007 Lisa has been a founding member of the City of Tucson, Planning & Development Services (PDSD) Stakeholder Group meeting monthly to discuss challenges from both sides of the table and work towards solutions. In 2013 Lisa began managing the group on behalf of PDSD and is committed to finding solutions that meet the needs of both her clients and the public sector processes.

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