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Lisa Bowers

In 2001, Lisa acquired Metro Permit Express, and in 2013 formed Tucson Expediting & Development (TED);  creating a Metro Tucson area bridge between clients and municipal officials that has become known as the foremost expert in navigating various Building Codes, Ordinances and Design requirements for the private development community. In 2022 Lisa rebranded to form Sonoran Development Consultants and is a household name and necessity in the industry. Lisa easily navigates permitting obstacles and orchestrates a cohesive relationship between design teams and reviewing municipal agencies. Not only does she provide the service of navigating processes for Developers; she also provides local municipalities with customer perspectives and guides them in their internal processes so that the two worlds can find common ground on which to work. 

Lisa is a Tucson Native and has a long history in the region. She is dedicated to the community of Designers, Builders and Developers and has made it her life’s mission to ensure their visions are not met with resistance as they become reality. Lisa has become known as a powerhouse between her clients and the many various municipal officials, making sure to know everything they know so the shovel can hit the dirt. She has succeeded and excelled in this industry and will continue to lay the path for intelligent urban growth.

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